Wisely Investing in Precious Metals

Over the past five years, many people have understandably lost confidence in the stock market, big banks, and other financial institutions. Due to the recent turbulence in the economy, it has become more common to be extremely cautious with assets and to try to save as much as possible. However, this does not mean that there are not smart and safe ways to optimize your financial resources. Investing in precious metals is an excellent way to boost your savings portfolio without taking large risks.

Demand and Supply of Precious Metals

The precious metals that are internationally traded and collected include many different metals, the most popular being gold silver, palladium, and platinum. Like any other type of traded resource, the price and earning potential of these metals will be determined by supply and demand. Precious metals make a wise choice for investment because most of them have a finite, sometimes very limited, supply, while the demand is generally high.

When investing in precious metals, it is crucial to not make decisions based solely on the current price of the metal. Some of the metals, such as platinum, may have higher prices, but the demand may also be very high or rising. Currently, silver and platinum are experiencing rising demand because industries, such as health care and technology, are relying upon these precious metals in order to produce new products. If you own a share of the resources, you can benefit from the future growth of these rapidly expanding industries.

Investing in Rare Precious Metals and Coins

Some investors choose to focus more on supply than demand. They invest heavily on metals that are extremely rare. Rarity, especially when dealing with metals, often translates to high value. When it comes to resources that are rare by nature, gold is an excellent example. The value of gold is often determined not as heavily by the current demand or market fluctuations, but by the scarcity.

Rare gold coins can have an even higher value because, along with being made from rare materials, they may also have high historical significance. Gold, and gold coins, has been used as currency for thousands of years, and remains a very strong investment vehicle to this day. History has proven that there is a very slim to nonexistent chance that gold is going to significantly decrease in value anytime soon, which makes it one of the safest investment opportunities.

Precious Metals Provide a Financial Safety Net

For many years, investors felt that the real estate was one of the best vehicles for save and profitable investments. The housing crash of 2008 was a clear indication that this theory does not hold true. Where did many of the people who were damaged or anxious because of the economy turn after this major collapse? Many of them turned to the one market that is always fairly strong and steady: precious metals. Investing in precious metals is considered to be a great financial safety net because there is little to no risk that the price of these widely used commodities will fall unexpectedly.

Why You May Consider Making Rare Coin Investments

Rare coin investments can be very profitable and offer something a bit different from investing in bullion coins. These investments tend to appeal to people who want something that’s a bit more interesting than bullion or bullion coins. The outlook for the metals markets in 2013 is still very strong, and that plays into the desirability of these investments, to some extent.

The Metals Market’s Role
The role of the metals market in rare coin investments plays a significant part in why people decide to invest in rare coinage. Many rare coins are made out of bullion and, in some cases, this plays into their desirability.

Some rare coins are actually not very old. For instance, some gold bullion coins are simply very hard to find, even though they may have been produced within 20 or 30 years of now. Such coins are sometimes desired by investors because, in addition to their collector’s value, they have a bullion value that is easier to predict. If the collector’s value of a rare Krugerrand went down, for instance, the value of the bullion would remain high, particularly given the performance of the metals markets in recent years.

Not all rare coin investments are driven by the metals markets, however, and sometimes the other reasons that people are interested in these coins are more significant to the investor.

Historical Significance
Many rare coin investments are driven by the historical significance of the coin in question. Coins that are desired for this reason may have a connection to a significant historical event or era and that makes them desirable.

Even though age alone does not determine the value of a coin, it can play a significant role in a coin’s overall value. Ancient rare coins, for instance, are prized by some investors, even if they don’t have a particularly high sell value. This plays into the other reasons that people invest in rare coins aside from wanting to make a profit off of them, though a collector who runs into a specimen that they’ve wanted for a long time may be willing to pay a lot of money for it.

Protection and Rare Coin Investments
Among the first things that any investor assesses about an acquisition is the amount of risk involved. Where rare coins are concerned, there can be a lot of risk and smart investors seek to mitigate it as much as possible.

Generally, the most important thing to remember about investing in rare coins is that they need to be purchased from a reputable source. Because they are so rare, even experienced collectors will never have seen the coins that they’re interested in before they get a chance to purchase one and that means they need to have outside verification that a coin is authentic. This comes by way of a numismatist who can certify that a coin is genuine and assign to it an objective measure of its condition, which plays a significant part in determining how much the coin is worth to collectors.

Why Platinum Investing in 2013 Make Real Sense

Platinum investing in 2013 is more in demand than gold or silver.В  Scarcer than its more widely known counterparts, platinum holds the interest of businesses well beyond the simple jewelry store and is known to be used in such diverse places as the electronics, dental, and motor vehicle industries which uses its ability to be pounded into sheets and naturally non-corrosive texture in the making of catalytic converters.

Platinum Production and Holdings
The majority of platinum is mined in South Africa, which holds a full ninety-five percent of its reserves, and for whom production has been slowed or even halted recently due to striking workers.  This has led to a call by the United State Geological Society to recover and refurbish whatever platinum scraps can be found so that the country’s ready supply of this precious metal is not seriously threatened should a major South African labor problem occur and hinder production.

The Differences in Trading Amongst Precious Metals
As in previous years, platinum investing in 2013 is being considered to a wider extent because its trading prices do not mimic the same patterns as gold or silver.В  During periods of economic growth, platinum will often be trading at hundreds of dollars higher.В  Yet platinum values are also tied with indexes that the others are not including the health of the auto making industry, the continued advent of the electric car which does not require a catalytic converter, and the possibility that palladium, a much cheaper metal, may be on the horizon for the replacing of platinum in some automobile parts.В  While these trading variables do rise and fall quite a bit depending on their own set of problems, they still need to be qualified when it comes to platinum pricing.

Platinum Investing in 2013
For those investors who are interested in precious metals, platinum investing in 2013 has many advantages over the others because of its greater ties to industry.В  While related markets may grow and ebb along with the economy, the amazing need for platinum still exists and is only fortified by the fact that it considered much rarer a substance than gold or silver that are readily mined in a variety of places.

Platinum futures are usually traded on the NY Mercantile Exchange, as is gold and silver, and are priced by troy ounce.В  After the initial fifteen-month future, they move into a quarterly cycle normally characterized in April, July, October and January of the following year.В  Futures normally come in fifty troy ounces and are subject to Exchange limits.

The Non-Futures Approach
Platinum investing in 2013 may forgo the futures delivery and purchase physical platinum such as coins or other instruments from reputable dealers.В  Platinum ETFs are also a consideration and include such funds as E-Tracs Short Platinum ETN and iPath UBS Dow Jones Platinum ETN.В  Lastly, there are funds available that hold a substantial amount of shares from platinum mining companies and these should also be looked into to ensure the best investment proceedings as platinum mining has shown considerable profit margins yet are also tied directly to the state of the economy and assorted industries.

Platinum Possibilities
Platinum investing in 2013 seems to hold real potential.В  Even with the past and current upheaval in the economy, platinum should still be looked at closely due to its intrinsic value.В  While gold and silver are more readily discussed by investment houses on a daily basis, platinum is rarer, more difficult to get even in the best of circumstances and has widespread usage in the automotive, dental and electronics industries.В  Despite the different variables that all precious metals undergo, platinum appears to be the one that will come out on top and deserves to be looked at seriously.


Well Planning For Real Estate Investment Via Mortgage Loan

Unless the person is blessed with a lucrative trust fund it is likely that they will have to apply for a mortgage loan when they are trying to buy a house. This means that they will have to go through the entire process of getting the mortgage loan even if they may feel that it is something of an inconvenience.

The truth is that for the majority of people in the developing world the mortgage loan is now an essential item that regularly makes it at the top of the family budget list.

In fact the repayments of the mortgage loan have become such a worry for some people that they have come to the conclusion that it is better to completely ignore the payments and risk losing the house rather than continuing with the current charade of getting blasted by the mortgage company for the regular payments.

The fixed rate of the mortgage loan is one of the options that the person can choose. However it comes with certain risks. For example the government might decide to lower the interest rates but the people that took out fixed rate mortgage loan are unable to take advantage because they are stuck with their current rate.

It can become quite frustrating for the homeowner to know that the general interest rate in the market has gone down but that they are not allowed to enjoy this benefit because of the decisions they made when they had the mortgage loan in the first place. However the advantage is that when the interest rates rise unexpectedly then they have no significant worries outside the normal spectrum.

The variable mortgage loan is good for dealing with some of the interest benefits that occur over time. Thus if the government suddenly lowered the general interest rates, the applicant can negotiate with the company to reduce their monthly payments.

Likewise the mortgage company might benefit by making a markup on the back of the interest rate differentials. Ultimately we have to look at the mortgage loan as the variable product that will try to follow the government policy from time to time with the final effect that the mortgage loan can be paid off without too much lose of income. The problem is when there is a very high rise in interest rates; the person is not protected from paying the full price. That is why so many people fear the variable mortgage loan.

The type of mortgage loan that will eventually chosen will be a reflection of the expectations of the client and what they think that they can afford in their financial circumstances without getting overwhelmed by an unmanageable debt.

The mortgage loan is a long term commitment so the person applying for it has to ensure that they are absolutely certain about what they are doing or else they might face some problems in the future which they cannot deal with. The mistakes that are made early in the mortgage loan will come back later.

Weathering Tough Times With Precious Metals Investing

When the economic downturn occurred a few years ago, investors were left scrambling. The price of stocks overall went into downfall as the housing bubble collapsed, leaving investors in both arenas high and dry. But precious metals investing has stayed an overall stable and lucrative place for investors to place their money. While real estate prices plummeted, precious metals – including gold, silver and platinum – steadily and, at times, sharply drop up in price.

Often in times of trouble, precious metals are where investors turn. The traditional metal of choice has been gold, with its applications both industrial and cosmetic. It’s also found in a variety of sources – meaning that often, rare or precious coins containing gold are also in more demand during times of recession. This demand drives up gold price, making it a lucrative wealth source for investors. However, even with the expectation of an economic rebound, gold is expected to hold its value by many market analysts.

Gold’s frequent companion silver has been coming into its own of late, driven by demand in the medical field, construction, consumer electronics and water purifiers. Previously, silver’s demand had been lackluster. But where the jewelry industry always had the preference toward gold, the industrial applications of silver mean that demand will grow exponentially. Even as markets improve, the value of silver as an investment will remain consistent, and new applications in gadgets and other goods may help it grow further.

A third important option is platinum – it often sits at a predictable 16% growth rate. This is due to more limited uses than silver, but the demand for it remains consistent – meaning it may not be the lucrative investment choice, but it remains a stable one. Platinum investors have often been happy with their choice of metal, as its uses in jewelry and other products has created a steady stream of revenue for the metal.

So with these things in mind, what should one do to invest? Many experts say that diversifying the portfolio can be the way to go. There’s the indirect investment method in places like exchange traded funds, mutual funds, futures and the like, or there’s the choice of possessing the actual, physical product. Choosing two or more of these options and diversifying the metals invested in can make for a strong investment portfolio.

But as always, it’s buyer beware. Research the reputation of firms you may be investing in or through. You’ll want a solid, reputable company over a fly-by-night operation, and a bit of research will help you separate the wheat from the chaff. In addition, you should discuss with each investor fees and other built in prices right from the beginning. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

By taking steps of caution and devoting some time to researching firms, metals, funds and other places you’re seeking to invest, you can ensure that your money is safely kept in the right place, and that its value can only go up from there.

Use Solar Panels to Power Your Home

Steadily increasing fuel costs are why so many homeowners are choosing to invest in solar technology for their home.В  It has become very obvious that affordable living and fuel-based power do not go hand in hand, to say the least.В  Although planning for the future can be a daunting task in today’s tumultuous economy, it is necessary.В  Thankfully Verengo Solar has made it very easy and affordable to convert over to clean solar power.

Verengo Solar keeps their prices as low as possible without ever compromising the quality of the residential solar panels that they sell to homeowners in California, as well as New Jersey and New York.В  California residents owe it to themselves to look into their home power options, as they do have some of the most exciting solar rewards programs in the nation.В  There is a reason why the state of California is leading the nation in solar power production.

Obviously the massive amount of sunlight that the average California household receives every day is one prominent reason why Californians are going solar, but it is definitely not the only one.В  California implemented the California Solar Initiative in 2007, which is a renewable energy program with a budget of $2.167 billion to help homeowners go solar between 2007 and 2016.В  Now is the tie to take advantage of the numerous tax credits, grants, loans, cash-back rebates, and performance-based incentives.

California’s rewards help to drastically offset the initial cost of switching to solar power at home, but they are also the gift that keeps on giving.В  These days, homeowners are able to sell their surplus power back to the utility companies by using solar energy systems that are grid-tied and capable of net-metering.В  That means that it is possible to actually make money, just by running your home on a clean and efficient solar power system!

Another reason why CA solar power from Verengo has become so popular is because California is known for being progressive, eco-friendly people.В  The green movement in California has been happening for a long time and using solar panels to power a home is one of the best things that a homeowner can do for the environment.В  The planet is currently in a state of danger because of the amount of pollution and greenhouse gasses that are being pumped into the air.В  Now is the time to reduce our fossil fuel dependency by taking advantage of clean, renewable energy sources like the sun.

Whether you are a homeowner who is looking to save some money, an environmentalist trying to reduce your carbon footprint, or just a technology enthusiast who wants to outfit your home with the latest modifications, solar power can benefit you.В  Most people decide to go solar because it is the logical choice.В  You can continue to pay gouged prices for harmful fuel-based power, or you can use solar panels that add tax-free value to the home and create completely clean power using a free energy source.

Verengo Solar is a widely respected solar energy company that has made a living by helping homeowners to switch to clean solar power without having to spend an arm and a leg.В  The average homeowner is not able to just buy a solar energy system outright, which is why Verengo offers lower prices, monthly payment plans, and even a $0 down leasing option.

Call a Verengo solar specialist today to learn about your home solar power options.В  Never before has it been so easy and affordable to use solar panels to power your home effectively. В Now is the time to take advantage of California’s generous rewards programs.В  They may not always be available, after all.

Understanding The Fundamental Criteria Of Debt Consolidation Program

Interest rates are one of the fundamental criteria for deciding whether to join the debt consolidation program. Interest rates might add to the overall debt level and they might even end up causing the applicant more stress than the debt itself.

Therefore great care has to be taken to ensure that the right interest rates are selected at the right time. The lender often reserves the right to set the specific interest rate for the debt consolidation program but the government will have a strategic overview of the industry to ensure that applicants are not being over charged.

Therefore the final interest rate will be a compromise between the wishes of the lender and the government perspective of consumer protection in debt consolidation.

There can be some good negotiation about the interest rates but this might not be very successful because the person is in a vulnerable position and they have to take what is given to them without too many complaints. It is unlikely that the debt consolidation program will give the person very low interest rates.

This is because the lenders have to make a profit as well. At the same time they do not want to hike the fees so high that the person ends up in even more debt than when they started. It is always about balancing the different elements of the financial situation in order to come up with the optimum debt consolidation program for the client at the time.

There are certain lenders that specialize in the sub-prime market. These lenders will be happy to taken on some challenging risks for an increased interest rate. This means that they will always be in a position of strength with the borrower given the fact that they were effectively found in the last chance salon. This means that their interest rates will reflect the sub-prime nature of the lending arrangements. The clients should not be surprised by the relatively high interest rates given the kind of service that they are requesting from the lender.

If one is able to join a debt consolidation program with low interest rates then they should consider themselves very lucky because the reality is that it is very difficult to get this kind of output and result in the market. The lenders that are able to tolerate high risks tend to want to make interest rates high enough to deal with the inherent risk.

Government regulation has meant that there is a cap on the interest rates that can be charged in a debt consolidation program. The people that fail to meet these limits are branded loan sharks and dealt with accordingly. However the individual must make efforts to avoid being branded with the same brush that deals with the ravages of loan sharks.

One has to find the debt consolidation that has a fair reputation and working methods so that they are not open to exploitation. In fact a lot of savings can be shaved off the debt consolidation program.

Understanding Precious Metals Investing Basics

Considering the surplus of information and investment options available today, many people understandably avoid the entire process all together. They have likely heard the horror stories about people who have lost everything because of the stock market. The reality is that investing does not have to be risky or confusing when the right resources and support are available. CBS Investing recently released some very helpful information to help people understand how precious metals investing works, and how it can be beneficial.

Why Precious Metals Are the Ideal Commodity for Investing

There are plenty of resources and commodities out there available for investing. Why is it that so many people choose to add precious metals to their investment portfolios year after year? It can certainly be argued that the stability of the value of precious metals is the reason. Metals such as gold and silver have maintained great value for thousands of years. Even after these elements were largely replaced by paper currency, their values still maintained great influence over the economy.

This stability is extremely vital to the importance of precious metals investing. Savvy entrepreneurs and investors know that by incorporating these commodities into their portfolios, they are diversifying and safeguarding against uncertainty. Even if higher risk stocks crash and fail, the portion of assets used to purchase precious metals will still have the same high value. Even if the value of paper money experiences a dramatic plunge, there is little to no chance that the same fate will befall silver, gold, or other precious metals.

Increase in the Value of Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium

The fact that precious metals are minimally affected by instability is one reason to choose them for investment. The other reason is the large earning potential enjoyed by those who choose precious metals investing. CBS Investing reported that the spot price of gold alone has risen by over fifty percent in only five years. There are many reasons that contribute the rising prices of all of the precious metals.

Prices of precious metals, like the prices of other commodities, are largely shaped by supply and demand. All of the precious metals have limited supply, and it is not possible for a large amount of any of the elements to flood the market unexpectedly. Each of the precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum are seeing increases in demand as well.

Precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum are known for being used in the production of jewelry, but they have many other applications. These three metals, along with palladium, are also being used increasingly in industrial manufacturing. Many of these elements have great conductibility, strength, malleability, and other unique characteristics that make them irreplaceable in electronic, automotive, and other growing industries. As demand rises for all four of these precious metals, as will the prices. When it comes to precious metals investing, it is essential to study all of the different metals, as well as their unique outlooks. In order to quickly access a wealth of expert guidance and knowledge, most investors turn to a highly respected precious metal dealers.

Tips and Tactics for Those Considering Investing In Precious Metals

Why should anyone begin investing in precious metals or increase the rate at which they are already investing in precious metals? Easy…these are assets that protect wealth and which are positioned to grow in value in the coming years.

The Headlines versus Reality

“Wait a second,” you might reasonably say, “the news said that metals were declining and that investing in precious metals was a bit passГ© right now.”

And you would be correct in saying that, but you would be incorrect in believing the hype from those news stories and articles. This is because they look at one thing, and one thing alone – they look at the current pricing on the precious metals.

It is true that all four (silver, gold, platinum, and palladium) have all declined in the past year. The fact of the matter is that they have to because the world’s markets are starting to recover. And recovery always means that investors dump some of their “safe haven” assets for more lucrative options.

Let Us Explain

When people make a habit of investing in precious metals (and most savvy investors do make this choice), it is because they want to direct a portion of their available capital towards holdings that will protect wealth. Sink ten dollars into gold and it is always going to be worth that ten bucks. Do the same with a paper asset like a stock, and you cannot possibly know what it is going to be worth in ten years.

When financial markets get a bit shaky, investing in precious metals really picks up because investors want to “know” that the value of the money is going to hold. For instance, a serious decline in the markets usually sees a spike in investing in precious metals as people convert larger amounts of their portfolios into metals for a sort of safe haven.

Okay, that is easy enough to understand, but why are we telling you that you should be buying now when the prices have declined? Doesn’t that mean that people are selling because there is no need for a safe haven?

Yes, it tells us that people are being very short sighted and forgetting the events of the past few years.

The Old Supply and Demand Dilemma

A few paragraphs earlier we said that people were selling because they wanted to take advantage of the global market recovery. They were dumping assets like gold or silver and going for the more lucrative options. This means they are going for the “fast bucks” over the steady growth.

The mistake here is that, although some signs of recovery are occurring, we are by no stretch of the imagination, “out of the woods”. Rather, we are just starting to slowly recover. This is fraught with all kinds of unexpected issues, and one of them is that there is about to be a huge pressure between the demand for metals and the supplies available.

When the world’s economies slowed around 2009, many secondary industries (including the precious metals producers) slowed too. This has created a deficit or gap in what is available and what will be available in the coming years.

As the markets decline again, and they will as this is part of recovery, people are going to rush for the metals. The dilemma is that there will be too few supplies. This means that you have it in your power to skip this drama and just buy metals now when they are low. You will see your portfolio go up in value as soon as things turn around again, and you will take almost no risk doing so.

The Truth About Rare Coin Investments

Not everyone who gets into rare coin investments taste success. Success in this business is not about buying the coins at the lowest price available and selling them at hefty sums. A more appropriate strategy for success is buying properly graded rare coins at fair prices.

The value of rare coins is relative.

Unlike most precious metals, the value of rare coins is far from being absolute. In fact, it is constantly changing which is why investors need to closely monitor the marketplace. In addition, mintage is not always significant to the value of the rare coin. While the particular history of a rare coin is important, mint records may show certain inaccuracies which makes it dangerous for rare coin investors to solely rely on them.

The availability of the rare coin is important. Those which are rare often appeal to collectors which mean the potential demand and their prospective buying price is promising. For matters regarding value, there are available frames of reference that can be consulted. But bear this fact in mind. Value as far as rare coins are concerned is always relative.

Coins of higher quality increase in value much faster.

One of the values that investors should adapt from collectors is patience. Rare coin investment is not about building a portfolio quicker than anyone else. Often, quantity is immaterial in a collection. Instead, it is quality that matters.

Rare coins are quite challenging to sell and more so for off quality ones. Moreover, the quality coins increase in value faster. So, it really does not matter how many a collector has. What is more important is the number of quality pieces he has managed to acquire. It is ultimately the quality rare coins that are profitable.

Quality rare coins do not come at bargain prices.

Buy low and sell high is a motto for investors. But this does not necessarily mean the only means to make profits is to hunt for bargain rare coins. As a matter of fact, cheap quality rare coins are quite impossible to find. A dealer who is knowledgeable about the value of the rare coin will be out of his wits to sell it at a bargain price.

Your budget may not allow you to buy all the rare coins you intend to acquire. But if you make an excellent choice of picking only quality pieces, you have higher chances of higher returns than an investor who has spread his budget too thinly and end up buying off quality rare coins.

The truth is there is a great risk for bargain hunters. And you are not encouraged to chase after such deals. You may only end up with a counterfeit coin or one that is over-graded. These only lead to one thing — great loss.

A rare coin investor only gains if he sells.

Some collectors intend to build their collection and hold on to them to pass as an heirloom. The advantage to this is that over time, the value of the coins can significantly increase and end up fetching a price much higher than for what it was purchased. But for an investor who intends to reap returns, selling is a smart move.

There is no definite time frame in which an investor is advised to make a sale. But selling is encouraged so that a reinvestment can be made. Before selling, an investor should make a comparison of coin prices. Inquiring about buy backs is also worth a shot. That is determining whether the dealer is willing to buy the rare coin back.

More importantly, proper grading should be learned. It can be an investor’s weapon against scams and the key to success in this kind of investment.

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