American, Delta End Domestic Change Fees

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The year 2020 brought the highest drop in air travel ever seen. Passenger airlines are being forced to make long-term and make-or-break decisions a time of great uncertainty.

This is also the time one minimal cash flow. To survive, many companies started adapting to a new reality.

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American Airlines Group Inc. and Delta Air Lines Inc. said they were removing change fees on most domestic flights, as the new battle among airline companies begins.

In an appearance on CNBC’s “Closing Bell” Monday afternoon, Delta CEO Ed Bastian said management had mulled changing punitive policies for customers for months.

“This was a path we were on. I think it’s the right move by United, and we’re pleased to confirm that we’re staying on the path and …. [we] have eliminated those” fees, Bastian said. “They’re not in effect currently and won’t be coming back into effect once we get outside this year.”

These changes came as the three major carries need to protect 6,300 pilots. The government should help with $25 billion federal aid package to help.

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