M.B.A.s Is Losing Its Value? Hard Times For Future Graduates Are Coming

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Business school students face new challenges as traditional M.B.A. employers in consulting, and financial services are dialing back their recruiting plans.

Business schools students are entering an uncertain job market, as companies aren’t focusing now on recruitment.

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Many big companies won’t be offering new jobs this year. As expected, this trend will put students in a difficult position who must pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to attend some of the top programs to promise a good job and an excellent salary.

PwC said it has no plans to hire up to 100 second-year M.B.A. students as it usually does each fall. Even EY waits to see how this year will turn out and plan accordingly for 2021.

The world is entering the unknown in the fall, and it will be hard for everyone, especially young graduates, with a heavy debt on their shoulders.

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