Coronavirus Updates: White House Hints At New Airline Bailout

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President Donald Trump’s chief of staff said Wednesday that the White House might provide relief to airline workers to keep them employed if Congress fails to reach an agreement on a package.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention changed its COVID-19 testing guidelines, bringing new practice now. Now, people without symptoms do not necessarily need a test, even if they’ve been exposed to COVID-19.

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This new move came one week later after the travel guidelines were updated, and a 14-day quarantine for anyone who’s traveled outside of their state or the country wasn’t mandatory anymore.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also condemned the revised CDC guidelines on testing, saying Wednesday it “reinforces the lack of attention and understanding that we have to have in order to crush this virus.”

Meanwhile, researchers in Massachusetts are trying to understand how cases are linked to specific events – such as weddings, conferences, parties, and so no – which should help decide what events are safe during the ongoing pandemic.

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